The Neighbors Are Going To LOVE Corsa’s New C7 Corvette Exhaust System

The seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette sounds great, but who is to say that it can’t sound even better? Of course, that’s where the after market comes in. And a new exhaust system from Corsa Performance may just help augment the guttural sound of the Corvette’s small-block V8.

While we can’t actually comment on Corsa’s success in providing a better sounding exhaust system since we’ve yet to hear a Corvette with the kit installed, we can report that Corsa says it spent seven months developing its exhaust so that it would integrate “perfectly with the advanced technologies already available on the [Corvette] and [work] in conjunction with the [C7’s] stock upstream valves.” The company claims the resulting exhaust system does not suffer from exhaust drone, “regardless of driving mode or speed.”

On top of (reportedly) improving the Corvette’s exhaust rumble, Corsa also developed an optional Double Helixx X-Pipe that the company says is able to provide an additional 6 hp and 2-4 lb-ft of torque to Corvettes equipped with the system.

Greg Fink: