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New Lawsuit Alleges GM Fit C7 Corvette Grand Sport, Z06 With Faulty Wheels

General Motors has been served a new lawsuit that could soon become a national class-action lawsuit over bad C7 Corvette Grand Sport and Z06 wheels.

CarComplaints.com published the lawsuit information on Wednesday, which details the troubles Corvette Grand Sport and Z06 owners have with the aluminum-alloy wheels. Owners have complained to the NHTSA that the wheels bend, warp, and even crack. A cracked wheel poses a safety risk as it could puncture a tire while driving. To be clear, there is no recall for the Corvette for the complaint, but the NHTSA has documented the issue thus far.

One owner said he leased a 2018 Corvette model and took the vehicle to a shop to have them coated, but the shop took video upon his arrival that two wheels were bent already. The dealership the owner leased the car from said his driving style was the likely cause and both wheels cost $7,500 to replace. Eventually, GM paid the owner $1,200 as part of the out-of-pocket cost. However, the lawsuit argues this is a breach of the car’s 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

The proposed class-action lawsuit argues GM knew about the wheel defects beforehand or else customers would not have purchased the sports car.

Although multiple customers have filed complaints with the NHTSA, one owner characterized the problem after just 1,000 miles on his new C7 Corvette Grand Sport. The owner said vibration suddenly occurred while driving around 55 mph and a dealership said all four wheels were bent and needed replacing. GM Customer Care told the owner this issue was not covered under warranty.

The faulty wheel lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California with Capstone Law named the firm to represent the plaintiff.

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Source: CarComplaints.com

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  • I love the: To all above, To whom it may concern.

    Like ALL the law suits up against GM for FAULTY DESIGNS, of FAULTY PARTS.

    Is GM designing a vehicle to drive on the American road ?

    Does it explicitly say in a warranty statement, do not drive this vehicle on American roadways ?

    When you purchase a GM vehicle, does it say -- your wheels will break, your ignition will shut off while driving, your engine heater will start a fire, your 8 speed transmission will not shift, you will not be able to see the road with your headlights, your heated seats will catch fire when your vehicle is remote started, AND ON, AND ON, AND ON, AND ON.

    And what about quality control ?
    Does GM have a supplier quality standard ?
    Does GM have a design engineering spec that a supplier has to meet ?

    Just want to say, I have been driving for 39 years, and for the first 36 years have NEVER cracked or broke a vehicle rim !!!!

    And as far as you can't drive a vehicle on the American road they will all break rims, do they, ALL break rims ?

    Am I the only one who finds this simply hilarious that a 100+ year old vehicle manufacturer cant design a vehicle that can drive down the road without breaking, or bending the wheels ?

    Come on now, LISTEN TO YOURSELVES !!!!!

    IF the wheels are FAULTY under X conditions, the wheels are FAULTY.

    The engineers and designers design wheels for EVERY VEHICLE ON THE ROAD TODAY !!!!!!!

    Design a wheel, spec a wheel, purchase a wheel, that will last, PERIOD, PERIOD.

    Again unless it states, CAUTION --- DO NOT DRIVE THIS VEHICLE ON THE ROAD---, damage to the wheels will occur.

    How is it the driver fault ???

    UNLESS ITS NOT A FACTORY WHEEL, and ONLY then is it the fault of the person purchasing or installing a wheel with the WRONG spec !!!!!

  • Their halo sports car doesn't even come with forged wheels? Absurd. GM bean counters will destroy the company yet again.

  • This is a common problem with any oversized wheel with a low profile tire. BMW, Lexus Etc... I own a wheel repair business in So Cal and we repair bent, cracked wheels everyday it's not a Corvette problem.

  • These type of issues are completely unheard of on a Porsche 911. Yes there is a fairly significant difference in price, but when you look at the overall quality, is Corvette really such a great deal at current prices?

  • Im a dealer I have had had over 30 Corvettes 20+ collection at once. I still have 2 as I started thinning out the heard recently. Just want to add for all the people saying it's the drivers. Funny that none of our Porsche wheels have ever bent, or cracked and a 2 of the 911s we drive year around. Also never had any issues with our M3,M5, of 750LI M that sits on 22s on 30 series and out weighs a Corvette by a few thousand pounds. My wife is absolutely famous for driving over anything that gets in "her way" including fixed objects off and over curbs. Shes a BMW girl Many curb rashes and damaged front spoilers but never bent any wheels. My c7 z06 and the only and last Escalade bent wheels. Wheels were the least of our problems on the Escalade but they did bend. Our c7zo6 also gave us transmission vibration and occasional hard shifts since day one No one seemed to know why because well can you ever find a GM tech that knows anything about new vette releases? The c6 ls7 had 8k miles before I had head problems, had 2 c5s that were pretty great cars other than a few electrical issues. It's not the drivers its GM. Corvette sales are down over 75% from thier best year and will continue to drop. They were the middle class sports car with a muscle car feel in a category all of it's own at one time and that's why it was successful and profitable. Now they out priced the middle class that loved that car and are chasing supercars I dont know who they think is going to buy them or what thier plan is anymore. They have a quest for performance with the Corvette but use cheap materials. I dont understand it. The 2019zr1 release and sales should show them that the 140k 150k Chevrolet Super Car is not a hot ticket. It's ok to build a middle class sports car let Lamborghini be Lamborghini, we dont need a 1000hp, 8 speed transmission, on 19s around or a mid engine Ferrari wanna be. Build a nice quality sports car for 40 to 50k and stick with it. American cars are designed by price points and they cram into them what they can. European cars are designed the way they need to be and then they charge the customer for it whatever it cost. Something will give eventually because it cant last forever there is over 8 million Americans more than 90 days behind on thier vehicle payment right now and the vehicles keep getting more and more expensive terms stretched as long as a mortgage on an asset that isn't worth even the interest amount after a few years. Lawsuits will be the least of the manufacturers worries if this keeps up.

    • With your luck, you should stay the hell away from anything GM.

      I had an M5 and I bent several wheels and when I traded it in, all 4 wheels were bent. This is extremely common with BMWs on low profile 30s where roads are anything but smooth. The roads in the North East are certainly not pool table smooth like in Germany.

      BTW, since you're a "dealer" you should know this, you don't get a sports car for 40K, you barely get a Camry. Get real!

      Don't look for the middle class in the US. It's now in China and is 600 million strong and growing rapidly. For people who spend their entire paychecks on Chinese goods, they are the problem, Enjoy your opioids! The Corvette C8 growth potential is in China as they are scooping everything at the high end. Ferrari, Lambo, Rolls... sell the majority of their cars there.

      • The growth potential is in China? That's why of the ....almost 10k Corvette's sold last year 89% were in the USA, the other handful in Canada,mexiconand Europe. The best selling year Corvette ever had was in 1979 and its been down hill ever since because the average househol hold income was 10k a year and the new Corvette was 5k. That's why they sold cars. Right now there are still 2018 brand new c7s on lots, and obviously 2019s. The 2019 Zr1 limited PRODUCTION bad ass vette that it is and most expensive ever. More than half of those are still sitting unsold. There is a 2 year waiting list on Ferrari models and the average profit for them is 80k a car. So please please tell me how GM is making all the right moves lol. Have you been to China I spent months there and they could care less about the Corvette or American cars lol.

  • Is there an easy way I can tell if my 2018 GS has bent wheels? without bringing to dealer? My car seems to vibrate here and there while driving on normal roads( no pot holes). Thank you.

  • Hi, Is there an easy way to tell if your wheels are bent or warped? (without bringing to dealer). I have a 2018 GS and seems to slightly shutter while driving normal on normal roads. Thank You

  • I can't speak to the Oz wheels, or the C7 rims for that matter, but I've had no issues with my 2011 GS rims nor have I seen any reported issues on the C6 section of the Corvette Forum. In addition, I had no issues with my stock C5 Vert aluminum wheels or the CCW forged wheels I put on later. Atlanta roads aren't exactly pristine. Nothing can escape a bad pothole, but the volume of C7 reports indicate a larger problem.

  • I have a 2019 grandsport with the stock disposable wheels (sarcasm) . My choice was purchase a set of u.s made ( not Chinese) forged wheels for $6k or get tire/wheel warranty package for $900 no deductible for 5 years. I purchased the tire wheel warranty. The risk of the wheel warranty is something happens further from home and I have to have wheel ordered and you are stuck elsewhere for a few days

  • Dropped my 2018 GS off at dealer yesterday for a slight "rumble strip" type vibration feel on my car. Received a call today that they found (1.) issue with torque converter, so did a fluid flush( they said they are getting about 2 a week for this! -- they also said they are using a new improved fluid they find is solving everyone's problem with this). This is covered under warranty. (2.) back driver-side wheel is bent, so will be $750 to replace. "They said" this is not covered under warranty and this isn't something they see very often (hmm).

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