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‘Fox News’ Warms Up To EVs, Gives 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Good Marks

Is the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV that good? Or, is Fox News warming up to EVs? It’s a good question.

Let’s not kid ourselves, each political side as a corresponding news outlet, and one hasn’t been the biggest proponent of electric vehicles and hybrids. Remember the Volt drama? However, Fox came out to call the 2017 Bolt EV “pleasant to be in, practical to use and could absolutely be your only car.”

Overall, the news organization dished out a “B+” rating for Chevrolet’s affordable BEV, lauding its range and overall usability day-to-day. Though, exterior design was called “not sexy” in favor of “conventional.” We’d have to agree.

The driving dynamics were also praised, stating it mixed “next-gen” aspects and “normal” behavior well, including its regen braking.

If there’s one area the Bolt EV nearly flunked in, it would be with OnStar. The Fox News review states OnStar advisors took four minutes to track down a charging station for the Bolt EV, and by the time one was located, it was already behind the driver, 10 miles out of the way. Those miles could be crucial in a near-zero scenario.

Now, it remains to be seen how the Bolt EV will stack up in the coming years; the Tesla Model 3 will certainly be in the hunt, Volkswagen has its EVs coming, ditto for Ford, too. For now, the Bolt EV is a solid choice, just shy of an “A” from Fox.

Sean Szymkowski :Sean is a lead staff writer for GM Authority. The words above are fueled by passion and large amounts of caffeine. Find him on Instagram: @helloimseann

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  • Welcome to reality Fox!

    Ever read Plato's "Cave" analogy? Maybe Fox is coming out of the shadows itself, instead of laughing maniacally at reality.

    Rupert's influence is finished. His sons, through ousting Ailes and O'Reilly for real true crimes, are sending the message clear throughout Fox and all it's operations: Reality is Real.

    Republicans can go back to Christine O'Donnell - "Because I didn't join a Coven, I am not a witch". Says it all....

    • Lookie here, everyone's favorite Left-wing Larry socialist spouting his anger that he and his extremist agenda lost to President Trump. Oh, and look at how "Old Trombone" just happened to post at the same time as "Sean" posted his article...


      See below...

      • Me and Szymkowski 'working together'? Let's go over this again...

        Ever read Plato's "Cave"?

        "See!?! That Trombone shadow is DEFINITELY enmeshing with that car-scribe shadow over there! SEE! That means that Hillary and Soros are making Le Pen lose in France SEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Sean, the election is over. Your candidate lost. Your party was humilated. A big part of that is the left-wing bias in the news...You are just proving them right with propaganda like this.

    There is more than just Foxnews that questioned EVs. They never said they weren't going to be important in the future. What they, and many other news outlets questioned, were the actual real-world impact (not just blind idealism), where are they going to put all the old toxic batteries, and why are billions of taxpayer dollars being handed out to rich companies when . Of course your left-wing bias and political impulses couldn't help themselves in targeting Foxnews...

    Elections over...You lost. Your own state of Michigan and union buddies voted majority Trump. Time to move on, don't you think?

    • Box, the power struggle at Fox is over. Your fundamentalist theory of domination lost, because Rupert got old. So will you. In the primaries, Millennials went for Sanders over Hillary 6-1. In 2020, when a progressive president whips Trump, are you going to say again "Election's over, you lost?" No, you won't, you'll be playing your PC Card over and over again, even though the edges are tattered to ribbons.

  • Up next on Fox News? A 'news alert' cats and dogs are now sleeping together followed by a 'fair and balanced' debate does this mean the end to GM's ambitions for coal powered cars? 😉

  • The correct Chevy Bolt EV owners knows ahead where all the charge stations are. There is a huge difference between the intelligent EV drivers and Fox news drivers.

    Over 60% of these owners charge at home, which no gas car can do, so the issue of charging is moot. By 2018 there will be more Level 2 and DC charging points (following the SAE standard) than Tesla Motors' Superchargers, which will be swamped by the new Mode 3 owners.

    So if anyone who wants to become a part of the EV driving group, buy the Chevt Bolt EV now. It has won more awards than any other EV, except the Chevy Volt.

  • Please people. Can we just stick to cars and not mock the American Nazi Party's Broadcast Network?!? I'm a very sensitive fascist and I can't handle it when people make fun of knuckleheads and bimbos.