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Steve Wozniak Purchased A 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV After All

It seems Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, had a change of heart. The Woz took to Twitter to announce has indeed purchased a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV.

As a basic timeline, Wozniak took to his personal Facebook to rave about the 2017 Bolt EV in September. He even stated, “I expect to be switching cars soon!” However, that wasn’t the case.

Wozniak then followed up said Facebook post with another update showing a photo of yet another Tesla Model S he and his wife had purchased. However, he said he would still consider a Bolt EV.

“I’m still considering the Bolt. It had a lot of things nicer about it than the Tesla,” Wozniak stated. “But I’m concerned about how it would work on our favored road trips. So far, Tesla’s the only game in town for that.”

But, on January 3, 2017, Wozniak Tweeted a photo of a shiny, new 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV stating,”New car will be our main car.”

It seems Wozniak was persuaded by the Bolt EV and its 238 miles of charge after all. We’re sure he opted for the optional DC fast charging unit to ensure charging downtimes are kept to a minimum, too.

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  • O hell with his money he could buy everyone in San Fran one.

    I suspect he will own both cars and a few others.

    • This is not about how he spend his money. He gets paid to endorse products. It's cheating that he doesn't disclose that he received compensation for each endorsement.

      • You do realize his net worth is more than he could spend in a life time even with many over the top purchases.

        He has no need for money here. If he is paid odds are it is donated.

        • I looked it up is now about $100M. He was worth $190 M but spent it on things like the US concert and other hobbies and ventures.

          He also gave away a lot of money to many early employees if Apple that got stiffed by Jobs.

          Jobs made most of his money with Pixar.

          • I seriously doubt he paid a cent for it but if he did, it's still like buying a pack of bubble gum for most people.

  • He's in CT6 tv adds and therefore under contract by GM. He was probably wined and dined until he agreed to park a Bolt in his garage.

  • Do YOU think WOZNIAK would recognize, OR care about QUALITY when he closes a car door, listening for rattles, looking for a tight fit, the feel of a 'bounce back, or the 'spring of a hinge' --- ????? ... Point is, ""WHAT DOES HE KNOW, and WHY WOULD I CARE -- ???? ...... THANKS, e.e.

  • Lots of trash talking by ignorants. Steve Wozniak is a very down to earth and humble guy not to mention extremely generous. The article linked above in the comments is a hack job by someone looking to profit and make a name for themselves. Who cares if the car was purchased, discounted or donated, does it really matter?