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This Is The 2016 Buick Envision

Earlier this month, Buick confirmed the addition of a new crossover, the Envision, to its model lineup in China. Then, a little over a week later, a prototype version of the vehicle was spotted undergoing testing in the country, giving us a sneak peek at the SUV’s side profile and front end. Now, Buick’s secret is out after multiple images of the car completely uncovered were leaked online.

The 2016 Envision will slot in between the subcompact Encore and the full-size Enclave when it arrives at Chinese Buick dealers later this year. As you can tell, the SUV has the typical Buick styling cues, including the brand’s signature waterfall-style grille.

The all-new Envision will be 4,667 mm (183.7 inches) long, 1,804 mm (71 inches) wide, 1659 mm (65 inches) tall and will have a wheelbase of 2,750 mm (108 inches), placing it squarely in the compact crossover segment. By comparison, the 2014 Ford Escape is 4,524 mm (178 inches) long, 1839 mm (72 inches) wide, 1,684 mm (66.3 inches) tall and has a wheelbase of 2,690 mm (105.9 inches).

The 2014 Envision will ride on General Motors’ new D2XX vehicle platform and will, at least, be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine producing 260 horsepower and 247 pound-feet of torque. The boosted four-banger will be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission powering the front wheels, though a fancy all-wheel drive system will be available as an option.

The cabin is also expected to adopt signature Buick styling cues and will feature an eight-inch color touch screen with GM’s IntelliLink infotainment system. More information on the Envision will become available as its official debut date nears.

2016 Buick Envision

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  • Those dimensions as compared to the current Equinox are: 4 inches shorter, 1.5 inches narrower, 4.5 inch shorter wheelbase and 1 inch lower in overall height.

    Since the Envision will sit on the same platform as the next Equinox, with that much shorter wheelbase it likely won't have one of the biggest selling features of the current Equinox: the sliding rear seat. Plus shorter wheelbases usually result in choppier ride so they better really tune the suspension on this new platform.

    Glad the wife just bought a 2014 V6. This Envision side profile looks too much like a Sante Fe.

  • I had some pretty high hopes for the "midsize" envision, and I am sorely disappointed. There is nothing midsize about it. It's a compact, and the encore is a subcompact. STILL waiting for gm to get their act together and give us something closer to the VW Touareg or ford edge (a roomy 5-seater MIDSIZE crossover)!!!

    +1 on the sliding rear seat too. What a genius idea. That's the whole reason I'm looking at a current generation terrain/equinox right before the next gen are shrunk and will likely loose the sliding rear seat.

    • Heard a little roomer that the next generation Traverse/Acadia,Enclave is going slightly smaller too with 2 rows plus potentially an EXT version with 3rd row. That would compete directly with the Edge but have the 7/8 passenger requirements covered too.

      Not sure if there's any truth to the rumor, but all vehicle ideas have to start somewhere.

    • I saw that too and it is one thing that makes me want to see the real deal and if some of these lines carry through well on the design or not. Other than that I think this is just what the Dr. ordered for all us tweeners(Enclave too big and Encore too small kind of customer)and cant wait for a reveal of the interior.

  • Is this car also the next generation Opel Antara or the secret vehicle which will be manufactured in Ruesselsheim, Germany or is it only for China and maby for the US? However, the exterior doesn't look like it was designed by Opel. But all in all it looks fantastic.

  • I believe this is the short small version.

    Keep in mind the Captiva, Nox, Terrain and SRX all shared the same platform and were varied in size.

    Having a Buick shared with Opel and in the same dealer as the Terrain leads me to think that there will be a larger version of this vehicle and the SRX and Terrain will get at the Springhill plant. The Chevy and Buick will use the smaller version to give some variation to the line.

    In other words you pick the one you want in size not division. To me this is an even smarter move than the to totally opposite styling's of the Nox and Terrain already.

    As for ride I would not worry too much as it is not sort enough to make it too bad and with the right tuning of springs and struts GM will get it right. Lets face it they have some of the best tuned chassis on the road today.

    As for the sliding back seat. It sounds great if you don't own one. It is nice if you have one but the reality is once you move it to where you want it you never move it again. The fact is the back seat is not like the Malibu even all the way forward and you are more then comfortable with it all the way up or back.

    I do hope they do package the interior better as there is a lot of wasted space in the dash to windshield and the cargo area. They could clean these areas up and increase more seat and cargo room just by doing that.

    I wonder If the Buick, Chevy and GMC will get the 9 speed too?

    As for a third row to me in this class it causes more compromise than good. Leave it to the next platform larger to where the third row is just uncomfortable and not impossible. It is not like we all have to pile in and drive to Meca every year. Note that is why the Suburban's are so popular in the middle east. Not kidding.

    The Lambda can do most of the heavy hauling and the present vehicles sells well and the greatest complains are they wished it had more MPG for the most part. Less weight and more space inside will do it more good for sales and offer a more refined package than anyone else and you will win the class here. Third seats and sliding back seats matter little to most who own them and look at this class.

    I expect the Lambda to shrink some too and the next gen Tahoe to shrink to the Colorado platform or an Alpha variation in a Half ton at some point. The future is less mass and that is what they all will do. GM for once is ahead of the game.

    Just as the car segment mid size is not what used to be Compact and full size is what used to be mid size. The same will happen in the SUV and CUV market as this year they sold more CUV models than sedans to this point. As cars shrink their usability declines. Hell my 08 Malibu has a large trunk but I can't get a box in it if it is very tall.

    Being in this segment for a few years as an owner and involved on the Theta web site I can tell you GM only needs to clean up and update much of what they have as people like what they have. More MPG and much of what they have in a even more refined package will sell over 200,000 plus units just for Chevy and nearly 400,000-500,000 units for GM as a whole each year.

    The small size they are giving up will return more back in the long run. If they can get all their crap in this one like the old one and a little more they will just love it. Add the Turbo engine with good power and MPG and they will love it to death. This is not all that complicated if you just don't over think it.

  • Jordan, I agree with Scott that smaller is the way to go. It's what more people are looking for.
    This version looks good. The different sizes idea sounds interesting.
    I'm just disappointed that it sounds like this will have the ancient 6-speed transmission. Hopefully everything else will be all-new.

    • It may only have a Six speed as the 9 is still being tested and developed. It may just be a year later when it appears in the SRX.

      Keep in mind this is not all that smaller but the MPG will be more welcomed. Also the size has not hurt the Encore or future Trax either. The new Lambda replacement will make up for any larger needs.

      You have three choices. Cut Mass, Cut Power, or pay the price of a expensive Hybrid system. Only one of these is practical and if you cut mass you can gain performance with the same or more efficient similar power.

  • Understated and refined design language. Finally Buick has become a leader as opposed to follower, with Envision putting Lexus and Acura to shame and its aimed at the German import buyer without a need for speed. Envision, like Encore, will bring in younger buyers, and be a fine addition to Opel Group.

  • Living in Lansing , Mi. where the GMC, Buick, and Chevy CUV's are built at the Grand River Assembly Plant , I have a Bro-in-law that is an engineer at the plant . What he has told me is that the current size of the Acadia, Enclave, and Traverse that you see now will be the "XL" version in 2017 . And that switching to the newest platform, the 3 will be smaller in size with a much tidier package ,but still bigger than the current Terrain and Nox . Plus you will see the GMC first , then the Buick , and then the Traverse . Now the rumor.... The plant might loose the Buick and build the SRX for Cadillac . Time will tell !

  • It looks really good, but I wonder if The U.S. version will get different styling. Where are they getting 260HP and 247LB-FT? I suppose it's okay as long as it has VVT, SIDI, and IVVL for best possible efficiency. I do think that a smaller 1.8t with VVT, SIDI, IVVL, and VTM which puts out 250HP and 265-280LB-FT with Stop/Start and Active Grille Shutters would be a better idea. Will this be getting a 7-Speed DCT or something with more gears? Also, this is not going to be on the next generation D2XX Platform or what?