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General Motors Trademarks “Zora” Name: Exclusive

For those of you who grew up playing Legend of Zelda video games, you may remember the Zora tribe. This aquatic race safeguarded the waterways across the realm of Hyrule, and aided Link in his quest to restore peace to the land, and defeating the evil Ganon. But those of you who are Corvette fans will recognize the Zora name as that of Zora Arkus-Duntov, one of the fathers of the Corvette.

So it is with great curiosity that we’re here to report that General Motors has trademarked the “Zora” name, just this week, for use in “motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles.” Considering ZA-D’s significance in the Corvette program, it’s safe to assume that this nameplate will be Corvette-related somehow. But we currently have no idea what it could be. As always, continue to follow GM Authority for the latest updates on the matter.

Manoli Katakis :Manny is the lead GM Authority writer and provides on-site coverage of GM events as well as road tests of GM's new products.

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  • Hmmm? Could we be taking a page from the Ferrari book and offer a special limited performance Zora model much like Ferrari offered an Enzo?

    Or it could be as simple as a limited edition trim package.

    • If that's the case, hopefully they don't stray too far down that path. Lest we find ourselves with a "Corvette The Corvette."

        • Don't laugh as the new top Ferrari is La Ferrari by Ferrari.

          I think a little too much Vino was passed around for that meeting.

          Too be honest I would have used the Duntov name before Zora. It has much more heritage with the name used on the old heads on a flat head and the old performance Cam GM used to sell. But someone may already have the rights to it.

    • I knew of King Zora before I knew of Zora Arkus-Duntov. His name takes me back every time I read/hear it.

  • the 'Enzo' of Corvettes? not sure how much room for improvement the Z06 has left, but maybe it can take another direction, GT or something

    • You have not see it all yet.

      There will be at least one more model that will be faster and better handling than the Z06, Think a Z/28 version of the Z06.

      The Z06 can be so much faster with out all those pesky weight adding options and oh so pedestrian performance tires. LOL!

      Also it is possible to get more power from the Supercharged engine and we also have a Turbo V8 in the works for Cadillac that could easily add boost. DI loves boost.

      No matter what they do there are many options they could yet take.

  • They have recently trademarked L88 and now Zora. At least one of them has to be an option or trim package, I don't see GM making two more models.

  • Zora - wasn't he the one that wanted to build a MID ENGINE Corvette? Maybe the Hybrid will be Mid-engined, and a ZORA!

    • The thought crossed my mind for Mid Engine but I am not sure if GM is ready for that yet.

      Just look at how many times they have visited this and it always is rejected.

      Zora was the prime driver for the Mid Engine each time too.

      Funny the one design study from the 70's led to the Fiero only to have Pontiac to push it though with all the compromises that came back to bite them since they never had full support.

  • All too true. Now then, did you miss the HYBRID part? Both Porsche and BMW have them, with the P cars racing two different cars with at least one of them - probably both - entered in the big race in France this coming weekend. Bad to the bone..

    • I did not miss it but I expect it to become part of the regular package as it will be needed much sooner than many suspect.

      I look for more of this technology in all vehicles. While not super cars they can supplement the performance of much smaller and efficient engines.

      The Automakers will be throwing some hail Mary's in the future and it will be much more than more aluminum.